a platform that enables access to chemical and materials data

to accelerate discovery and innovation 


About MPrint OKN

Open Knowledge Network

Technology companies develop proprietary knowledge networks as key business technologies.  Because fusing islands of knowledge currently requires enormous effort, the OKN requires a non-proprietary, public–private development effort that spans the entire data science community which will result in an open, shared infrastructure. 

Like the Internet, the OKN will provide such an infrastructure by building upon and significantly enhancing the capabilities of existing data resources.  The OKN will be dynamic in nature and accommodate input from a variety of sources.  It will be able to link disparate information with horizontal and vertical elements including query services, integration, as well as collecting queries, compiling inventory and interconnecting data.

Recent commercial successes present the opportunity for an effort to drive the next generation of technology to support research in academia, industry, and government, and to create new services and synergies that use both open and proprietary data.


Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet offer customers powerful tools in exchange for their data. Machine learning algorithms analyze the data and the output provides value to another set of customers. Our Open Knowledge Network follows a similar model where users are incentivized to share data because they gain access to powerful tools that help them maximize the value of their data. MPRINT-OKN will unite disciplines, promote partnerships, and provide training to those who wish to accelerate their research with data science.

MPRINT-OKN will bridge the gap between data science and chemical and materials science by delivering valuable tools for ingesting, curating, analyzing, and visualizing data. The network platform enables data modeling systems to enrich data with extensive information about the underlying objects and their context, opening the door for powerful search capabilities and integrated services.

The MPRINT Platform 1.0

MPRINT is an enterprise software platform that supports development of the Open Knowledge Network - with a focus on enabling people who discover, develop, manufacture, and use chemicals and materials. ​Our team converges domain expertise in chemicals and materials with advanced software engineering to develop cloud-based solutions with secure authentication to facilitate connecting a broad community of adopters. Our platform includes:

Workshop: A suite of digital tools for ingesting, featurizing, analyzing, and visualizing chemical and materials data and creating instruments (applications).

Instruments: Validated, standalone workflows - attributed with metadata to enable searchability from the repository - with clearly defined data inputs and outputs.

Library: A data repository that is the infrastructure of the chemical and materials knowledge graph. Data can be partitioned on a user or institutional basis or placed in the public domain.



James K. Ferri, Ph.D.

Professor and Associate Chair

Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering

Virginia Commonwealth University

James leads the Measurement

and Applications working group.

Seth Henshaw Ph.D.

Principal Research Scientist

Two Six Labs

Seth leads the Data Science working group.

D. Tyler McQuade, Ph.D.


Chief Technical Officer

Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering

Medicines for All Institute

Virginia Commonwealth University


Tyler serves as OKN liaison.

Carol Parish Ph.D.


Floyd D. and Elisabeth S. Gottwald Chair

Department of Chemistry

University of Richmond

Carol leads the Quantum Mechanics working group.